Why You Should Get T-shirts Printed And Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

custom t shirt printing

Who doesn’t love a free T-shirt? If you’ve not considered the marketing power of custom, branded T-shirt printing, you’re missing out on an affordable, incredibly effective, and mostly passive advertising strategy. Let’s take a look at why you need to expand your marketing strategy to include printed shirts.

T-shirt printing is the most versatile option

Look, branded pens and notepads are dandy, but only screen-printed T-shirts are versatile enough for all business types. Using a food truck as an example, consider what will be more effective to your needs, a pen or a T-shirt advertising your truck and social media handles? 

How about an accounting firm? What do you think will be noticed more: a pen with your company name and web address, or a T-shirt with a clever slogan, your logo, and your website? Hands-down, screen-printed shirts are an on-brand option for businesses of all types.

Shirts are affordable for most advertising budgets

If your marketing budget is on the smaller side, consider holding a contest for your employees to come up with a design or slogan for your T-shirts, rather than hiring a designer. For the cost of a gift card or bragging rights, you can have someone intimately familiar with your company’s mission to create a design that embodies and exemplifies your business.

Once you have your completed design, decide which ordering options make the most sense for both your budget and your strategy. While your per-unit cost is typically lower with larger orders, 500 shirts may not be the right fit if you only plan to distribute them to employees and valued clients. 

T-shirt printing increases brand visibility

Start by distributing shirts to your employees, perhaps at a company function or employee appreciation event. Ask your employees to give shirts to people they know who love — and frequently wear — free tees. Everyone knows someone who’s a sucker for free shirts; these are the people you want to help market your business!

Think about how much a highway billboard costs monthly, and then consider how long the average T-shirt lasts. Custom screen-printed shirts are walking billboards for your company that can last for years, so which do you think is the better investment?

Free shirts are perfect for social media promotion

Again, I ask, “Who doesn’t love a free shirt?” Include T-shirt giveaways in your social media strategy, boosting audience engagement and overall impressions. If fairs and festivals don’t serve your company’s purpose, giving away shirts advertising your business on social media can give you a potential customer reach you wouldn’t otherwise have — and it’s affordable, too!

Canvas the crowd and “paint” them with your logo

Depending on the nature of your business, vendor spaces at festivals and fairs may be part of your strategy. If you’re regularly appearing at large community events, be sure to hand out free tees while you’re there. If the expense is too great for every attendee to receive a free shirt, consider adding a prize wheel or game of chance mixed with candy or another, smaller branded item (those pens we were talking about earlier would work). The point is to get as many walking billboards signed-on as possible, increasing your company’s visibility and making your brand immediately identifiable.

Capture new leads

If done effectively, branded T-shirts can help your business acquire new, qualified leads. Think about the last time you saw a business shirt with a clever slogan — did their sense of humor or unique design cause you to check out their website? When you grab someone’s interest with a well-designed shirt, they naturally want to find out more about your company.
Get heads turning — in a positive way — by including custom T-shirt printing in your marketing strategy. The best part about utilizing shirts is that you don’t have to break the bank to make an impact, and they can be marketable across social media platforms and in-person events. So, what are you waiting for? fill out our same-day quote or give us a call and let’s get your t-shirts printed 🙂

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