Returns & Exchange Policy

You may get an exchange of your item(s) if any of these conditions are met:
1. Your image or artwork is printed incorrectly (e.g. wrong spelling or incorrect image used)
2. Your item has been printed on the incorrect size (this needs to be proven from your invoice)
3. Your image has been printed on the wrong product ordered.

You cannot get an exchange or refund of your item(s) if any of these conditions are met: 1. Your product does not fit you – and it may be too big or too small. All the size charts are shown next to each product before ordering. So please check the sizes. If your unsure you can always check with our customer service team before ordering. Once an item has been printed we cannot return to our supplier.
Your image is blurry or printed pixelated as a result of using a low quality web image. We cannot guarantee the results of a printed image when low resolution files are used. If your unsure we suggest you consult with a professional graphic designer or you can email our customer service team to check over before placing your order.
How to Return & Exchange your order

If any of the above 3 conditions are met (Allowing you to exchange a product) our customer service team will arrange a reprint for your defected product. You will need to return the product back to us via Post. Please contact us to organise.

When your item arrives we will email you notify that we have received it. We will then exchange and reprint your order within the next day. You cannot exchange for a refund. Only a reprint may be issued.